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location:a small(and i mean tiny) island in canada
describe yourself in three words:unstable,fun,moody
if there was a soundtrack to your life, list a few of the songs, all if you want:
Mojo pin-jeff buckley
what else is there-royskopp
argument-robots in disguise
black dog (sexlust)- led zepplin

name a few movies that absolutely make you want to fall in love: breakfast at tiffanys,eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

name a few movies that can get you to cry:my dog skip( yikes),simon birch

name a few movies that can scare you:im easily scared,,,,, those earnest movies, that guy gives me the creeps

actress:audrey hepburn,chloe sevigny,margaret cho
actor:gregory peck,matthew lilard,adrian brody
band:robots in disguise,the beatles,morningwood,spankrock
drink:chai latte,rockaberry coolers
vacation spot:ive never been anywheres outside where i love. id love to see new york

name a few of your favorite fashion icons, and give a brief description on why they are your favorite:
marilyn monroe- shes obviously amazing. shes got so much sex appeal. its classy not trashy
christina ricci- her look is so versitile she can make anything look good
chloe sevigny- again shes versatile, shes not afraid to take fashion risks and thats sexy
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