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Let there be peace, let there be fashion.

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a place to share fashion icons and ideas, as well as their own creations.
all creativity and fashion icons welcomed.

when you join, please make an intro post with your name & age, some info about yrself, and post some pics of yourself showing off your awesome style! we wanna get to know you!
also, PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE! because we wanna be huge :) & if you'd like to make us any graphics, banners, icons, layouts, etc, feel free! xo

& here are our rules
1. absolutely NO catty-ness of any kind.
2. allow this to be a rule of thumb: if you dont like a post or feel its redundant and lacks what you like...SKIP IT! any negativity of any kind will not be tolerated [comments,etc]. we will remove you.
3. the main purpose of this community is bring girls together who have similar interests in fashion, music, art, etc. as well as introducing each other with other aspects of fashion and so forth.
4. there is no "right" kind of post. if you want to post a picture of a outfit you wore one day that you loved and wanted to share..by all means share! this goes with music, art, poetry, books....
5. we prefer all posts to be friends-only
6. all fashion icons welcomed!
bottomline...lets share our creativity and welcome others as well.
♥ iconic_fashion.